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Creations for Charity


Creations for Charity is an annual fundraising event where LEGO builders from all over the world donate their creations to sell and raise money to buy LEGO sets for underprivileged children during the holidays.

This year marks Creations for Charity's 10th annual fundraiser and their 10th year of selling on BrickLink! Read on to learn more about this amazing non-profit organization.

Who we are and what we do

Creations for Charity was founded by Nannan Zhang, back then a college student with lots of free time to build, who wanted to see LEGO builders use their talents in a unique and meaningful way to give to charity. The fundraiser works by selling custom LEGO creations made by builders from all over the world. The money raised is allocated to distribution coordinators around the world, who buy as much LEGO as they can and donate them to the kids in their local area. Since 2009, we raised over $90,000 and donated thousands of brand new LEGO sets to organizations serving children in need as well as schools, orphanages, and children’s hospitals across the world.

From October through November of each year, anyone can donate their LEGO creations to sell in our store on BrickLink. To donate a creation, simply fill out a form on our website and we will list your creation in our store. If the creation sells, we notify the builder to ship it to the buyer. It’s an easy process and open for anyone to participate.

1) Donations to Toys for Tots, Los Angeles 2011. 2) Vila Velha, Brazil 2015. 3) Mexico City, Mexico 2017.
Cool creations from the builders

People have donated some truly remarkable creations over the years. We have sold a large variety of LEGO creations from custom minifigures to models built by designers from LEGO. There were many other cool things such as a motorized sci-fi helicopter from Avatar, a sculpture of Iron Man’s helmet, and a beautiful medieval watermill. One of my favorites was an elegant kinetic Pegasus sculpture that has since been featured on BrickLink’s MOC shop. The original model was so popular that someone bought it as soon as the sale began!

We welcome all creations from any builder to be added to our store. Many people donate small models that are easy to ship such as a LEGO mousetrap, microscale sports cars, a Pokeball, and brick-built Christmas ornaments. It’s always exciting when we are notified of a new creation donation, and we can’t wait to see what builders will donate this year!

How to get involved

Anyone in the world can participate in Creations for Charity; you don’t have to be a superstar builder or donate something big. We accept any custom LEGO creations between October 1st and November 15th each year, so now is the perfect time to plan what you want to donate! We know that LEGO is expensive and not everyone wants to part with their bricks, so we give everyone the option to be reimbursed for the cost of making their creation and shipping it to the buyer. This way, you are simply donating your time for making the creation, which is still a big help. If you just want to browse, visit our store from October 15th to November 30th to see what’s on sale. Don’t wait to make a purchase, because most creations are one-of-a-kind, and you won’t get a second chance if another buyer beats you to it!

Visit for access to the donation form and store as well as progress updates and photos of the LEGO we donate each year. Whether you want to build or buy, we welcome anyone to take part in the LEGO community’s annual tradition of giving back!

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