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Build Your Own Baker Street – The home of Sherlock Holmes, the most well-known detective in the world, and his biographer Dr John H. Watson.

The celebrated detective is enjoying a modern-day renaissance. The current British (Sherlock) and American (Elementary) television programs, as well as the recent Hollywood films, have introduced Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion Dr. Watson to a wide audience and a new generation of fans. In addition to screen adaptations, new literary works based on these characters are published regularly, and the original stories featuring Sherlock Holmes have been almost continually in print for the last 125 years. Notably, MX Publishing is currently publishing a series of books, The ADVENTURES of SHERLOCK HOLMES - LEGO, in which the original stories are cleverly illustrated using LEGO minifigures and custom designed models.

This recreation of 221B Baker Street is a great gift for Sherlock Holmes fans, both young and old, as well as LEGO enthusiasts.