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After many many weeks of design and refinement, the Star Brick Enterprise is ready to go where no brick has gone before! This model has gone through several iterations to insure its stability (the neck went through almost three complete redesigns). Many who saw the design originally voiced concern that it could not support the weight of the saucer, however the current design is extremely stable.

Various quick angle shots to show some of the detail an shape the model has. I tried to make the model as proportionaly accurate as possible to the studio Enterprise model used in the show. Obviously it's not perfect (I couldn't get the subtle tapering of the hull and nacelles right), but it's pretty darn close and I'm very happy with it ^^.

This is a slightly older version (before I redesigned the shuttle bay), but I wanted to take a photo of myself holding the model by the hull just to prove that YES, it can indeed support the weight of the saucer and nacelles. There is a minimal amount of sag (but this is to be expected, but it is negligable at best. I am super happy with the final neck design, proving to be much more stable (and accurate) than the original versions.

The final current model as it currently appears in my room, on display in a display case. Astonishingly, I discovered that the model is just big enough to fit inside a football dispaly case.


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