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[UCS] Star Wars Nebulon-b Frigate

- around 4200 pieces / 85 cm long


By building this MOC, I didn't want any compromises with the stability, modularity and resilience of the MOC, and I wanted to keep the size of it. I wanted a Lego accessible to everyone, and that could be exposed with no fear of destruction : you can move it easily and hustle it without major destruction.


The concept of this MOC is to combine detail and not to big realisation. I tried to fine the best compromise between realistic frame with 2 small + discreet bearings and no extra supports (front and / or middle), and respect of original movie ship.

The 2 mounts give a very stable MOC, which can be moved with no problems.


The major problem with the conception of a such Lego is not to obtain a very detailed MOC, but find a feasible strong frame wich give a Lego able to sustain itself.
I think that the picture give a good idea of what this moc is able to.

No need to retouch the photo : no support and strong frame :p

Instructions are available too !

You'll can have LDD instructions, but as the LDD instructions are not perfect, I made a homemade pdf secondary instructions available too.