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This is the first fully remote controlled Lego Bugatti Veyron Supersport 16.4 in Orange/Black.

It's build to use outdoor. Its way to fast for using indoor!!! Beware!


4 Buggy Motors for propulsion(mounted in the back) ,no "4WD"

2 RC Units for Power and Steering.

3 Lego LED , 2 in the back , 1 in the front.

1 M-Motor for controlling the rear-spoiler

1 Lego speed computer for speed measurement 

The Bodywork can be removed in seconds.

Topspeed: around 16-18 Km/h !!!

Weight: 2330 gramm(with battery), 1470 gramm with no bodywork

Pieces: ca. 2200-2600

Size: 56 studs long x 27 studs wide x 15 studs Tall

Location of the MOC: Potsdam, Germany

There is no building instruction(and will never be).This i a unique model. It's the one and only Lego Bugatti Veyron Supersport so far.

If there are any questions: please contact me:

There is no price for this MOC yet. So feel free to contact me!