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My LEGO Ride Competition - Official Rules

Admin_Jaclyn on 04/24/2015 19:59

BrickLink Alternate Build Competition - Official Rules

My LEGO Ride Alternate Build Competition



As we settle into the new year, BrickLink is excited to host another building challenge for all the amazing designers out there. This time around, the challenge will focus on the alternate build. A popular building challenge, the alternate build forces the designer to create the best MOC possible using only the parts in a given LEGO® set.


First and foremost, the design theme for the alternate build will be vehicles. This can be any mode of transportation ranging from a basic unicycle to a futuristic spaceship.


Secondly, we will be allowing any 2014-2015 Creator series sets to be used as the starting platform. The only limitation will be that only 2014-2015 Creator series set with less than 400 parts can be used for this competition.


The contest will be open for submissions starting from February 26, 2015 6:00PM (EST) and ending on April 20, 2015 6:00PM (EST).


With great constraints come great creativity. Good luck and happy building!



First Place

  • $500

Second Place

  • $300

Third Place

  • $200


How to Participate:

No purchase necessary to enter and win a prize. Contest open to any member of BrickLink which requires the user to be 18 or older.


  • Login or create an account at

  • Visit and join the BrickLink Alternate Build design contest page.

  • Choose any set from 2014-2015 Creator series and design a new MOC with it.

    • Not required to use every part

    • Chosen set must be 400 parts or less

    • No purchase necessary; personal bricks can be used as long as they are included in the respective parts list

  • Upload pictures and description of your MOC on the design contest page.

    • PLEASE also upload a picture of the original set for comparison

  • Optional: Vote for your favorite entries from other designers!

    • Voting period: April 13 - April 20


How to Win:

  • The winners will be announced on Monday, April 24th, 2015 at 6:00pm (EST) .

  • Winners will be chosen purely on the number of votes acquired through the design contest page.

  • Prizes will be given out through PayPal.

    • Please allow up to 2 weeks for your prize to be delivered.


Submission Guidelines:

  • Please indicate the original set by including a picture of it in your submission.

  • Limited photo editing is allowed for basic touchups and background removal. Any entries using photo editing to alter bricks or add custom graphics will be disqualified.

  • All digital entries must submit a rendering of their work. Please no screenshots of your MOC inside LDD or LDraw software.

  • A well written MOC description goes a long way!

Competition Rules and Terms:

  • All MOC designs submitted to this contest are subject for use and sale in the MOC Shop. Please make sure you are comfortable with the possibility of having your MOC sold before entering the contest.

  • Only official LEGO parts can be used in your designs.

  • All MOCs must be new and original designs.

  • No limit on total number of entries.

  • Digital entries (LDD, LDraw) are allowed for this contest.

  • Contestants will have until 6:00 PM (EST) on April 20, 2015 to register and submit to the BrickLink Alternate Build design contest page.

  • We reserve the right to disqualify any user that does not follow the official rules and/or is found to be cheating.