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Parting-In a MOC

kimbricks on 08/21/2014 05:16

Parting-In a MOC means that you have sourced all the parts and are ready to receive orders. Follow these steps to Part-In:

1) Add sets to your MOC inventory.

Store Manager > Inventory > Add New Item > Select Item > Add to Inventory

2) Click a MOC from your inventory and 'Part In'

3) Select a '# of MOC Sets to Part In' at the top dropdown.

4) Add to an existing Wanted List or 'Create New' Wanted List. Then click 'Add'

5) Visit Wanted List on BrickLink 1.0 and begin sourcing the bricks.

6) Once you've completed sourcing, return to MOC inventory and 'Part In'

Store Manager > Inventory > Part In

When you Part-In a MOC, those parts get removed from your 1.0 inventory into a MOC Stockroom. In the MOC Stockroom, you will see a total list of parts (ungrouped) that are reserved for MOC orders only.

MOC parts will not be open for sale on to individual part buyers.

To sell reserved part(s) of a MOC separately on, you must Part Out the entire MOC.

Store Manager > Inventory > Part Out

You may Part-Out at any time as long as there are no pending MOC orders.