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Uploading Your MOC

kimbricks on 08/20/2014 18:19

You need to prepare the following items before publishing on our Site:

  • Photo(s) of your design (PNG or JPG) -  required
  • Design Title and Description -  required
  • Parts List (LXF or LDR)*

*You must provide a parts list in order to submit a design for commercialization

To upload designs:

1. Go to MOCS > My Baseplate >  Upload My MOC

2. Select  MOC Type . Choose either 'General MOC' or 'Contest Entry'

3. Complete  'Display Info'  (required). Click ' Save'

Display Content Tips:

A smooth white background makes MOCs look crisp and appealing.

* There are simple and affordable ways to  take amazing photos of your MOC just from home.

A full detailed description of your design makes your listing more enticing and professional.

* Don't underestimate the importance of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Always proofread your work.

4. Complete  'Build Info'  

For more information on parts feasibility, see  Testing MOC-ability.

Parts List Tips:

* Try to avoid rare parts since it limits the possibility and quantity of your MOC being sold.

* Analyze the MOC-ability upon uploading your digital parts list and replace rare or expensive parts.

5. Complete  'Sales Info'.  Click  'Apply' 

For more information on your Designer royalties, see  Earning Design Fees

6. Go to the  'Publish' tab and confirm your MOC publication.

Only designs that have valid and complete Build Info and Sales Info will be reviewed. For a list of rules to help expedite the approval process, see  Reviewing your MOC before submitting your MOC for review.