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Adding/Removing Minifigures

kimbricks on 08/20/2014 17:52

The usage of minifigures on MOC designs is allowed. However, due to the difficulty in sourcing whole minifigs, be prepared to change parts of the minifig as necessary during MOC publication. If your minifig contains a rare (low in quantity) or expensive part, you must substitute those parts or remove the minifig entirely from your parts list.

Showing minifigs in photos:

  • If the minifig is NOT included in your uploaded parts list, do not include it in your main photo.

  • When a minifig(s) is not included in the uploaded parts list but appears in one of your photos, write "Minifigure is not included with this MOC" at the bottom of your MOC description.

Substituting minifigs:

  • The MOC-ability Test will help you determine whether parts need to be replaced or removed.