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Testing MOC-ability

kimbricks on 08/20/2014 16:43

MOC Shop offers a feature called the MOC-ability Test which analyzes the parts you are using across the whole BrickLink inventory in real-time. First, you must upload an LDD or LDraw file of your design. The test recognizes the parts included in the file and extracts results of each part's BrickLink name, availability, and price.

Then, the test detects parts with issues: 

  • Rare parts (meaning less than 10 stores have the part) 

  • Expensive parts (meaning any one part costs more than $1.00)

Standards and minimum thresholds of the MOC-ability Test may vary over time. 


More features of the MOC-ability are:

  • Part-Out (assembly elements that are able to be parted out as separate parts) 

** Tip: Once you part-out,  it cannot be undone. Restart the process if you parted-out by mistake.

Example 1) Hinge Plate


Example 2) Minifig

  • Replace parts (this recommends other similar parts for rare/expensive parts, if available)

** Tip: You are not required to substitute the part, however it is recommended wherever possible.