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Writing Disclaimers

kimbricks on 08/20/2014 15:12

To prevent any sort of confusion, your design listing may need to include notes and/or disclaimers at the bottom of your MOC description. We've compiled common situations where disclaimers would be applicable, but in other cases feel free to write your own. 

When a minifig(s) is not included in the uploaded parts list but appears in one of your photos, you must write:

Minifigure is not included with this MOC.

For all stickers that appear in any one of your photos, you must write:

Sticker is not included with this MOC.

When a MOC shows inspiration from an existing trademark or copyrighted theme, write:

This product is not licensed, defined, sponsored, endorsed or manufactured by [insert trademark entity].

When a part has been substituted but still appears in one of your photos and/or instructions, write:

For store [insert store name] only: Part [insert initial part] has been replaced by [insert substituted part]. This does not alter the original look and function of this model.

(Do not include the brackets)

Remember to play it safe when in doubt and always be honest although disclaimers do not protect you from potential conflicts.