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Earning Design Fees

marvinp on 08/19/2014 17:58

There is no fee charged for uploading a design and no fee charged for designing a MOC for sale . At the time of uploading a design, you choose a percentage known as the design fee. A design fee is the price of your electronic and/or printable manuals for instructions on how to use the MOC, which varies across stores and designs. BrickLink does not transfer legal ownership of a design neither to the seller nor buyer of a MOC.

When the seller(s) of your MOC make a sale, you will receive a design fee between $0.00 and $10.00 .

Design Fee (Buyer to Designer) *

$0.00-$10.00 Flat Fee per each MOC sale

As a designer on BrickLink, you agree to the following guidelines:

1. Account Balance and Amount Earned - Your account balance is the sum of earnings from all orders received minus the sum of all payments made to you at any given time. Your balance will be paid to your PayPal account at the last day of each month, starting from the month following the date of your first sale.

2. What to Expect - Your design fee is already included in the Total Sales Price being shown to the buyer. Sellers collect all design fees and transfer them to your account using BrickLink as an intermediary. Your compensation per order may vary.

3. How to Receive - BrickLink credits your account via PayPal service charges (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) is levied to the designers when receiving payments. On the last day of each month, we will send a credit invoice to the e-mail address you have on file that will contain the amount earned. Please keep for reference. For non-US persons only: If you are not from the United States, your design fee is subject to the proper amount of withholding tax. The amount posted to your account will be the total after withholding tax and Pay Pal fees have been deducted.

4. Minimum Payout Amount - You will be credited unapid sum of design fees when design fees earned up to current month is at least $5.00 if you are located in USA or at least $10.00 if you are located outside of USA.

5. Credits - After a design fee payment posts to your account, it will immediately adjust the Earnings column of the Published MOCs section in your MOCs > My Baseplate page. Your balance will be updated accordingly. If the payment is not credited immediately in your balance, please contact the Help Desk .

6. Refunds - When an order is cancelled and processed by the seller within 30 days of the order date, the design fee for that order is set to $0.00. When an order is cancelled through a Non-Responding Seller Alert or a Non-Shipping Seller Alert within 30 days of order date, the design fee for that order is set to $0.00. After 30 days from order date, the design fee will remain unchanged. After an order is purged from the system (6 months from the order date), the order cannot be cancelled and design fee remains unchanged.

7. Fees for sellers with store prices in currency other than US Dollar - The system calculates the design fee in US dollar using the Exchange Rate of the latest order batch.

8. For all members: All fees on BrickLink are based on the net price of each order item.

9. Currency: All Fees are calculated and paid in US Dollar (USD)

10. BrickLink Commission*: BrickLink takes 30% of design fee as commission.

*Notice: BrickLink's commission of design fee will be waived until 12/31/2014. Standard percentage fees will apply from 01/01/2015.