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Store Fees for MOC Sales

csa_marvin on 08/19/2014 17:10

There is no fee charged for opening a store and no fee charged for listing a MOC for sale . A transaction fee is only levied to the seller based on the MOC prices of all orders received during the period of each month. The fee is calculated for every MOC at the time an order is submitted to a seller's store.

When sellers make a sale on MOC Shop, they are charged a transaction fee of 5% of the net item price including printed building instructions. This percentage does not include the shipping cost or tax. Such transaction fees called the “Store Fee” will be added to your overall BrickLink bill.

MOC Store Fee (Seller to BrickLink)

5% (fixed) of the Net MOC Price

As a seller on BrickLink, you agree to the following guidelines:

1. Account Balance and Amount Due - Your account balance is the sum of fees from all orders received (debits) minus the sum of all payments received (credits) at any given time. Amount due is your account balance calculated at the time of billing on the first of each month.

2. What to Pay - You are billed the store fee and design fee from MOC Shop at the end of each month once your balance reaches the minimum bill amount. After your fees are processed, the amount you paid will be deducted from the BrickLink, the MOC Shop, and design fee balances in that order.

3. How to Pay - BrickLink accepts payments via PayPal.comPayPal service charges (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) is not levied to the seller when sending payments. On the first day of each month, we will send an invoice to the e-mail address you have on file that will contain the amount due. Please pay only after you are billed.

There are two ways you can pay:

a) (Preferred) Submit payment by using the form in the Fees section of your Store Manager page. Your account is credited automatically when you pay this way. For security reasons, when you are redirected to the PayPal website, always check that the URL in your browser starts with

b) If you don't want to pay via the form, you can send payment directly to PayPal address but it will take up to 3 days for your account to be credited because your account has to be credited manually when you pay this way.

4. Minimum Bill Amount - You will be billed if your current overall balance at the time of billing is at least $5.00 if you are located in USA or at least $10.00 if you are located outside of USA. Overall balance includes the BL Store fee, MOC Store fee, and Design fee.

5. Credits - Your account is credited immediately after you pay if you paid by clicking on the PayPal link on the invoice or via the form in the Fees section. After your payment is credited to your account, it will appear in the Fees section. If the payment is not credited immediately after you paid, please contact the Help DeskE-Check payments are credited when they are cleared.

6. Refunds - When you Cancel an Order, the MOC fee for that order is set to $0.00. After an order is purged from the system (6 months from the order date), the order cannot be cancelled and MOC fee cannot be refunded. If the order date is not current month, the amount due shown on your Fees section is adjusted. The MOC fee in addition to your BL Fee is not refunded for orders cancelled through a Non-Responding Seller Alert or a Non-Shipping Seller Alert.

7. Fees for sellers with store prices in currency other than US Dollar - The system calculates the MOC fee in US dollar using the Exchange Rate of the latest order batch.

8. For all members: All fees on BrickLink are based on the net price of each order item. EU and Norway sellers only: If you enable your VAT Settings, the VAT rate is auutomatically included in the total MOC price shown to buyers according to their region. This means that orders with no VAT rate included in the MOC price can still be sold in a VAT enabled store.

9. All Fees are calculated and paid in US Dollar (USD).

10. Non-Payment of Fees - Sellers who do not submit their fee payment by the first day of the next month from the time they are billed will have their store suspended at the discretion of the BrickLink Administration. The account may be terminated if at least one more month has passed from the time the store was suspended for non-payment of fees and payment has still not been made.