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Design Cancellation Policy

csa_marvin on 08/19/2014 16:46

The following are acceptable reasons for the designer to cancel their MOC design. Cancelling means that all contents of the MOC design are removed from the site.

1. Mutual agreement between the designer and site admins (and seller if parted-in).

2. Notice was given to parted-in sellers NO LESS THAN ten (10) business days before desired design cancellation date.

3. No sellers have parted-in for a period of thirty (30) days AFTER site admins approve the design for sale.

For all other cancellation reasons, you must be approved through appeal to BrickLink Admins on an ad-hoc basis.


Reason(s) for Administrative Cancellation without Consent/Request of Designer:

Design was found in violation of another party’s Intellectual Property (IP) rights.

Appeals Process for this action:

1. When a design is reported by the IP owner, it will be temporarily removed pending  administrator judgment.

2. Report is vetted for authenticity and evidence is reviewed by administrators.

3. Administrator judgment is rendered.

a. If design is found to have compelling evidence to prove it is in violation of IP rights, then the design will be banned and a warning will be issued to the designer (After three (3) warnings for IP infringement the user’s account will be temporarily suspended).

b. If no compelling evidence is presented or report is fraudulent then the design will be restored to its “pre-report” state.