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MOC for Sale Guidelines

csa_marvin on 08/19/2014 14:56

If you are a registered seller, please read and comply with this item for sale policy:

1. LEGO Products Only - All MOCs listed for sale on the Site must be made out of genuine LEGO parts. Other brand products such as Mega Bloks, custom parts such as BrickArms, and custom decals such as stickers are not yet supported on this site.

2. New Condition Only - All MOCs listed for sale on the Site must all consist of new bricks. Parts delivered to the buyer through should not have any of the following conditions:

  • Used
  • Refurbished
  • Dirty
  • Stained
  • Discolored
  • Fragile
  • Chipped
  • Melted
  • Custom chromed, printed, or engraved

The definition of New Parts & Minifigures - Parts and minifigures are brand new, taken directly from new sets or were purchased "as new" in another form such as accessory packs or Pick-A-Brick and have been handled only for sorting. These parts have never been used in any manner. If a minifigure is originally sold assembled by LEGO, its component parts after disassembly can also be listed as new. Minifigures may be listed as new either assembled or unassembled.

3. Physical Products Only - Selling a MOC-related service is not a valid item to be listed for sale in a store, however, it can be advertised in the seller's splash page, MOC item page, about me page, and forum posting. Consulting about MOC products is considered a service while selling LEGO-related information on a CD or custom instructions in a PDF file are considered products.

4. No Counterfeit Products - MOC Shop prohibits the selling of counterfeit (knockoff) products such as those that are not LEGO parts or not the actual item described in the listing. Do not sell them. A seller may be held liable for selling counterfeit products if the seller knows or has reason to know that the products are counterfeit. If the seller fails to inquire about the authenticity of the products, for fear of what such inquiry may yield, this may constitute knowledge. Once knowledge has been established, a reseller of counterfeit products may be held liable for counterfeiting.

5. No items sold separately - 100% of the total actual parts and the instruction manual (whether on a CD, available online, or printed) should be delivered to the buyer together in one package.

6. Original Materials Only - You must sell custom-made instructions made by the designer or outsourced per a designer’s consent. You cannot sell copies of instructions extracted from LEGO software. This is a direct violation of the LEGO copyright. You must provide original photos provided by the designer, and you may not include photocopies or scanned versions included with any MOC package.

7. Exact Quantity - The quantity of the MOC that you are listing for sale must not be greater than the quantity you have on hand.

8. Whole MOC for Sale - A store must have 100% of the parts of a MOC to be able to sell the MOC. Parts of a MOC that are NOT available in BrickLink stores cannot yet be sold. Designs that require rare parts are not recommended because sourcing may be difficult.

We reserve the right to delete without any notice any MOCs listed on the Site that do not comply with this policy.