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Listing Your Models

marvinp on 08/19/2014 14:50

Each model must include the following components in order to be published on MOC Shop:

  • Photo(s) of your design (PNG or JPG) - required
  • Design Title and Description - required
  • Parts List (LXF or LDR) - required for sale items only

All users will be able to browse, rate and review MOCs to help sellers decide what to stock up next. When you upload a design onto the Site, you must follow these guidelines and the Terms of Service. If you are a registered Designer, please read and comply with the following:

1. Designs must be constructible - Any person will be able to actually build your model using unforced, proper clutch connections.

2. Designs must have LEGO products only - All designs uploaded for the possibility of sale on the Site must be made out of genuine and existing LEGO parts (including minifigs). Other brand products such as Mega Bloks, custom parts such as BrickArms, and custom decals such as stickers are not yet supported on this site.

3. Designs must be original - Any element you include in your design must be your own original work. If you’re submitting a design based on an existing LEGO model, it must be your own creative work.

4. Designs must be your own - You must be the original creator of the model submitted and you must have the exclusive right to submit your model to BrickLink MOC Shop. This means:

  • Your submissions are your own work and no one else’s. The only exception to this rule is if you are the parent or legal guardian submitting a model on behalf of your child under 18. The same policies and guidelines apply for kids’ designs. Any model submitted by you in violation of the foregoing may be taken down without notice.
  • You agree not to upload images that belong to someone else as a part of your listing, even if that person gives you permission. (If you want someone else’s model to be available on MOC Shop, please ask them to post it.)
  • For collaborative models, each person is recognized as a designer even though one person (the account holder) is designated to coordinate their team and relationship with BrickLink.
  • You can submit a model based off an idea someone else has already submitted, as long as your work is original. For example, multiple people can submit original designs of the same theme or different designs of the same object. See Intellectual Property and Copyright Basics.

If your design has been infringed upon, please submit the Notice Regarding Claims of IP Infringement.

5. One submission per MOC set - Please have one listing dedicated to one set or kit, not a series of products. While it's possible we could consider your MOC as a starting point for a new theme or series, any follow-up or related models should be listed separately.

6. Design submissions must meet criteria - Each model must include the necessary and appropriate components in order to remain published. If it comes to our attention that a listing does not fulfill the requirements or is not an acceptable submission, the listing may be removed at any time without notice. If your listing has been removed or not approved for sale, try reevaluating your listing and submit again.

7. Designs must show relevant content - Your listing may only include content relevant to the display of that item. Each listing must accurately and completely describe the item in an appropriate category.

8. Design submissions must be complete - Your listings must be complete with all of the necessary files. While you may add or edit content (until MOC gets stocked by a store), please don't submit incomplete designs, placeholders, or try to "reserve an idea" to pre-empt someone else. Such listings are not allowed and will be removed.

9. Designs must abide by legal constraints - We do not evaluate any design submission for license conflicts as there are too many potential isues and we cannot know when a particular model will go for sale. However, listings may be removed at any time if legal issues arise. To avoid this, you might want to do your own research for potential conflicts before submitting a design.

10. Parts lists cannot be modified - You cannot modify parts lists for MOCs that are currently available for sale in a store(s).

We reserve the right to delete without any notice any MOCs listed on the Site that do not comply with this policy.