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Reviewing Your MOC

marvinp on 08/19/2014 14:33

Commercializing Your MOC

All MOCs uploaded with the intent of selling must adhere to the following guidelines before they can be approved for sale. Submitted MOCs that are not approved for sale will remain as “Display Only” until a resubmitted MOC conforms to the guidelines below. The following standards will be reviewed:

Photo Quality

Images. Main photo must be a real photograph or a photo-realistic rendering (No LDD or LDraw screenshots).

Dimensions. Recommended pixel dimensions are 600x400 (3:2), 640x480 (4:3), 640x360 (16:9), 400x600 (2:3), 480x640 (3:4) or 360x640 (9:16).

Size. Size of each photo should be even or close to even with one another.

Photo Presentation. Photo should not be in dark lighting, blurred, distorted, or close to the edges.

Model Presentation. Model must be clean of dust, dirt, scratches, engravings, chips, stains, discolorations and deformities.

Background.  Photo should be clear of clutter that is unrelated to the design.

Accuracy. Photo(s) must accurately show your design and parts list components.

- In certain circumstances:

Angles. Design that requires different angle views must include accompanying angle shots.

Photo Tips:

1. A smooth white background makes MOCs look crisp and appealing.

2. There are simple and affordable ways to take amazing photos of your MOC just from home.


Representation. Visual of the design must coherently represent the title and a purpose for building.

Title.  Title of your MOC must be short, concise, and accurate.

Description.  Description of your MOC must include at least one sentence.

Word Choice. Title of your MOC should not include misleading trademarks. See Copyright and Intellectual Property policy.

Validity. All contents, statements, and tags must be accurate, valid, and true.

Disclaimers. Appropriate disclaimers should be placed at the bottom of the listing. See Writing Disclaimers policy.

Appropriateness. All contents, statements, and tags must not include discriminatory, defamatory or vulgar words.

Grammar. All statements should follow conventional English grammar and punctuation standards.

- In certain circumstances:

Language. All non-English words must be accompanied by an English translation. Read languages help.

Content Tips:

1. A full detailed description of your design makes your listing more enticing and professional.

2. Don't underestimate the importance of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Always proofread your work.

Parts List

Completeness. All designs uploaded with the intent of sale must include genuine and existing LEGO parts.

Rarity. Parts must be plentiful to source on BrickLink. Read about MOC-ability.

Up-to-date. Parts must be current and readily available on Read about MOC-ability.

New. Parts must be readily available and plentiful in NEW condition.

Stability. Parts meant to attach to other parts must not detach when MOC is upright and completely still.

- If you provide instructions:

Instructions. Your instructions must be clear, labeled properly, and matching with the parts list. NO instructions directly generated inside LEGO® Digital Designer. See Making Instruction Manuals.

Parts List Tips:

1. Try to avoid rare parts since it limits the possibility and quantity of your MOC being sold.

2. Analyze the MOC-ability upon uploading your digital parts list and replace rare or expensive parts.