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Dear BrickLink MOC Shop members,

Thank you for your participation in and love for MOC Shop over the past several years. It has been a great opportunity to witness your amazing talent and passion for custom LEGO creations. MOC Shop inspired us to create BrickLink Studio and the Studio Gallery, which are connected to the BrickLink Marketplace.

BrickLink launched MOC Shop in August 2014 as the new team's first project after purchasing the website from the Jezek family. With MOC Shop, we experimented a simple way to realize cool fan creations by connecting digital designers, BrickLink sellers, and buyers. Designers submitted MOCs in the form of LEGO Digital Designer models and physical building instructions. Sellers would then pick all the parts and print building instructions ready to ship.

In practice, MOC Shop was challenging to operate. Our team had to create most of the building instructions without test building the models or a quality assurance process. Few sellers joined MOC Shop as it was risky to set aside parts for large models without guaranteed demand. For those who did buy MOC Shop models, we found their building experience was lacking.

These lessons led to BrickLink creating Studio and Studio Gallery, which are connected to the BrickLink Catalog and include photo-realistic rendering to streamline designers' work process. It's easy to upload Studio creations to the Studio Gallery, which is connected to the BrickLink Marketplace. Studio Gallery already has 20 times more MOCs submitted than MOC Shop.

On December 17th, 2021, BrickLink will discontinue the MOC Shop in order to focus on BrickLink Studio and Studio Gallery. As part of this transition, starting October 18th the MOC Shop will no longer accept new uploads or MOC listings. Please continue to build, share, and realize your creations on BrickLink Studio.

If you are a MOC Shop user, please read the following guidelines to learn more about what actions you may need to take.

Your MOC Shop data will be deleted.

On December 17th, all your personal data previously uploaded to MOC Shop will also be deleted from the system.
Your BrickLink account and BrickLink buyer and seller data will not be affected.

MOC Shop designers:

Over the next two months, we will review each designer account and pay off all outstanding balances. If you have an outstanding balance, please connect your PayPal account on the My Baseplate page before the closing day. We won’t be able to pay you unless your PayPal account is connected to your MOC Shop account.

Since your MOCs won’t be accessible from MOC Shop after the closing day, please visit My Baseplate and download the files you want to keep. If you want to keep them on an online repository, please convert LDD files to Studio files using BrickLink Studio and upload them to My Studio on BrickLink.

MOC Shop sellers:

If you have any MOC items listed on your store, you may part them out and return the parts to your BrickLink store inventory before the closing day. Visit your Inventory page click on the [Part Out] button on each individual MOC page. This action will immediately add the parts to your stock room or store inventory.

MOC Shop buyers:

If you have purchased any MOCs from the MOC Shop and want to keep some of the PDF building instructions, please visit My Orders and download them to your local computer. Since we can’t easily verify your purchase record after the closing day, it is highly recommended to download them prior to the closing day.

Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or if there is anything that we can do to help you through this transition.

Thank you,
The BrickLink Team

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