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By Admin | Dec 9, 2014 at 18:46 EST

Credit Card Payment is finally available on MOC Shop through Stripe! Below is a guide with more information.

Accepting credit card payment for your MOC store

Before you begin, you must have a Stripe account to enable credit card payment for your store. (If you already have one, please skip this step). After signing up, you also need to set up your bank account information at Stripe Account Detail Page .
Secondly, go to your Store Settings Page, and click “Connect with Stripe” button.

Now you are all set! Credit card payment is available in your store. You can turn off the feature by toggling “Off” next to the email address field.

Checking out with credit card

Buyers can choose their payment method at the checkout page (see below).

Once the buyer clicks Checkout with the credit card payment option selected, a small pop-up will appear to complete the purchase.


What credit cards can a seller accept?

Visa, MasterCard and American Express are available for all the sellers worldwide. If you're a US seller, you can additionally accept JCP, Discover and Diners Club as well.

How can I disconnect my Stripe account from MOC Shop?

You can easily connect/disconnect Stripe account. Just go to Store Settings and click “Disconnect” button in the Stripe Account section.

How much is processing fee for sellers?

There's no fee to enable credit card for your store. Only standard 2.9% + 30c processing fee will be applied to each credit card transaction. The rate is exactly same with PayPal payment.

Can I choose to accept only credit card for my store?

For the time being, you need to have PayPal account by default for your store. Enabling credit card payment is optional but you cannot have only credit card payment enabled.

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