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We are happy to announce that BrickLink MOC Shop and CUUSOO are teaming up to create a new platform that will publish custom MOCs created by users like you.

CUUSOO Systems has previously operated what is now called LEGO Ideas (with The LEGO Group), supporting aspiring creators from around the world get their products manufactured.

Through this collaboration, the threshold will be lower for MOC production in efforts to increase the number of custom MOCs available for consumers. You will be able to discover new MOCs on CUUSOO collected from all over the Internet and cast a vote for a specific model. Once the number of votes reaches 100, the MOC will be reviewed by BrickLink for commercialization.

Kohei Nishyama, CEO of CUUSOO, stated, “We would like to work on this project to cultivate a new, organic brick community that will last a long time using our legacy and brand.” “I am just happy to serve the LEGO community with our services,” expressed Jay Kim, CEO of BrickLink. The joint project has attracted builders like Masao Hidaka, the builder of LEGO Piano which currently gained more than 9,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas.

You can visit CUUSOO BRICK at Please extend our invitation to your family, friends, and other LEGO designers.

- BrickLink Team

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Top: Irvine office, Middle: Seoul office,
Bottom: New York office.

It has been a little over one year since the Bricklink story embarked on a new chapter with us being fortunate enough to become the new care-takers of Bricklink. We are proud to share with you that during this time, the community of LEGO-fans who use Bricklink keeps growing steadily. Our user base counted more than 315 thousand members by June 2014, almost 30% more than a year ago. We also observe an ever-growing number of items for sale: As of June 2014, Bricklink hosted 8,394 stores, displaying more than 276 million items, up 19% and 47% compared to a year ago. In sum, we’re very happy and grateful to be part of the largest & fastest-growing online LEGO platform in the world, which wouldn’t be possible without your continued love and support of Bricklink.

In the past year, great efforts were put into bug fixes and security upgrades for Bricklink 1.0, preparing the launch of BrickLink MOCShop and laying the foundations for Bricklink 2.0 & beyond. To realize these projects, we recruited dozens of young, highly talented people who are passionate about LEGO. We are keenly aware that as an organization, we have much to learn still, but we believe we have the right people in place to speed up our learning process and bring innovation that will improve your user experience.

Financially, Bricklink is displaying promising revenue growth at a double-digit yearly pace, but as we find ourselves in the investment/growth phase of our story, we are slightly losing money. Nevertheless, we are very excited about the future and we are happy to help our members, stores and designers we are inviting as of this year, in any way we can.

Thanks again for your support and we hope you will enthusiastically adopt the new features we will roll out in 2014 - 2015!

Alice and Jay at a convention.

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June 13, 2014 - BrickLink launches MOC Shop Beta now open with limited* features.

We are happy to announce the beta launch of MOC Shop, a platform to allow sharing and trading of custom LEGO models called a MOC (MY Own Creation). Thank you for your submissions to the teaser site.

Founded in 2000, became the world's largest user marketplace for LEGO parts, sets, and minifigures. In June 2013, BrickLink's modernization plan was proposed and the idea of MOC Shop was first conceived. A year later today, the service is now set to launch.

MOC Shop offers a way to connect MOC designers to potential sellers and shoppers in all-in-one networking. During the beta phase, you will be able to:

Publish contents - Upload photos, parts lists, and descriptions of your MOC. You can continue to post new models while building on your own member profile.

Check availability of parts - Test and modify your design according to the feasibility of parts without drastically changing its look.

Request for sale - With one-click feature, "request for sale" any design to drive demand for certain MOCs to be stocked.

Give feedback - Don't forget to leave valuable comments, "like" your favorites, and share them with built-in Facebook connectivity.

To see full beta capabilities*, sign in with your existing BrickLink username and password. For first-time users, register for free during our open beta testing period!

*Buying and selling features are incomplete during the beta period, however users will be able to load their contents to prepare for commercialization.

The BrickLink Team